Alph Studios wants to help brands & businesses communicate better. We believe in the magic of animation videos and their ability to convey messages clear and convincingly. With our expertise and skills powered by unleashed creativity, we can create amazing things.


We can only explain what we understand. So we ask thoroughly and listen carefully to distillate your message and pour this into a strong script. We unleash creativity by empowering our creatives. We cultivate an open and design driven environment where we encourage one-on-one interaction between the creative and the client. Less noise, more actions.



We deliver captivating content in the form of animations & film. Ready to be implemented straight away onto your website, in your advertising campaign, as social media content, for in-house communication, even as presentation or elevator pitch.


A crew of talented motion designers and storytellers on a mission to create the most engaging and visually stunning content in the universe. One for all, all for Alph.


Bert Van den Broeck

Creative Director

John-Alexander Kolmus

Motion Designer

Cody Watson

Director of Photography

Marijn Buijs

Client Services Manager

Quinten Delahaye

Motion Designer

Gert-Jan Beyens

Character Animator

Lieve Keustermans

Motion Designer


Carla Romero


Robin Martens

Motion Designer


Do you want to join us on our mission?

- punctual and attentive
- strong communication skills
- experience with artists is a plus

- experienced in marketing/ advertising or pr
- experience with sales is a plus
- very good with people

- experienced in Adobe software
- experience with Cinema4D is a plus
- feeling for motion & movement

- experience with most Adobe software
- extremely motivated and eager to learn